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Hsu Chi has been called the Sharon Stone of the East. Taiwanese import Hsu Chi puts the 'sex' in sexy. This former model has become a seasoned actress while dabbling in film direction and production. As an actress, she has won several awards including a Best Supporting Actress nod at the 35th Annual Golden Horse Awards for her performance in "Portland Street Blues." More recently, she has grabbed headlines with her alleged romantic connections to Heavenly King Leon Lai. It's not hard to see why she would capture the undivided attention of so many on-lookers.

What is it about this Taiwanese temptress that has hypnotized a devoted following of fans, inspired an encyclopedia of Internet photo galleries, or driven men to no end? Perhaps the answer rests somewhere in between actress Hsu Chi's ability to be naughty and innocent or wild and yet seemingly restrained. Chi like actress Sharon Stone had worked on several obscure projects until her big break which was in an erotic film. She was 'discovered' by Hong Kong-based actor/producer Manfred Wong who saw one of her erotic photo books while on a trip to Taiwan.

Like Ms. Stone, Hsu Chi did the right thing by trying to reform her image and doing legitimate roles and aligning herself with the right crowd, management, and projects. Her transformation for sex siren from the adult film genre into the realm of well-respected actresses is a line that is usually not crossed in Eastern cinema. She established a name for herself with her performance in "Sex and Zen II."

But it was her role in "Viva Erotica" that made her a star. Hsu Chi's luminous performance in "Viva Erotica" surprised many critics, and the actress herself seemed overwhelmed when she subsequently swept the board at every Chinese film award ceremony. When she won Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress at the 1997 Hong Kong Film Awards, she tearfully thanked her mother for supporting her in her choice of career. Hsu Chi's performances in last year's box office smash "Storm Riders."

In 1999, Chi co-starred opposite famed martial arts master and comedian Jackie Chan in the film "Gorgeous." Her performance undoubtedly won over many critics and movie goers, expanding her ever-growing clan of Chi followers. Recently, "Gorgeous" has been shown on several cable stations in the United States.

Hsu Chi was also recognized at Hong Kong's Golden Bauhinia awards and Taiwan's Golden Horse awards. This critical recognition opened the door for her to work with quality Hong Kong film-makers. She received excellent reviews for her work on the anthology film "Love Is Not A Game But A Joke," the directorial debut of regular Stanley Kwan script-writer Yip Kam-hung.

Though not a singer herself, Hsu Chi has been a 'special featured guest' at concerts held by Leslie Cheung, with whom she performed in "Viva Erotica," and Leon Lai. She has even travelled to Los Angeles just to make a a concert appearance. Although she has earned the reputation of playing the sex kitten roles, Hsu Chi has only starred in two Category III films: "Sex And Zen II" and "Viva Erotica."

Copies of a music CD that she brought out in her native Taiwan were seized by the Taiwanese government in protest over her appearing in Hong Kong-produced erotic movies. In 'Viva Erotica' and 'Love Is Not A Game But A Joke,' Hsu Chi is credited in the English as 'Fanny Hsu.' The film 'Vive Erotica' was accepted into the prestigious Berlin Film Festival.

Hsu Chi's other film appearances include the 'Young And Dangerous' style films, including one of the 'official' sequels to the youth gangster hits, "Young And Dangerous V," and two 'unoffical' spin-offs, "Portland Street Blues" and "Street Angels."


Hsu Chi is credited in the English as 'Fanny Hsu.' Hsu Chi has been actively co-promoting with fellow Hong Kong actor Ekin Cheng around the simultaneous release of their official websites. Both Chi and Cheng have wrapped up production on the ad camapaign for their websites. Make sure to keep your eye on this sultry actress. There are more things to come.

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